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Who Was Obama’s Heckler At The Immigration Reform Event?

President Barack Obama was heckled during an immigration reform event held at a recreational center in San Francisco, California. The heckler was protesting that Obama wasn’t doing enough to help the millions of undocumented immigrants who are facing deportation.

The heckler was 24-year-old Ju Hong, an undocumented immigrant from South Korea. Hong studied Political Science at UC Berkeley.

He first discovered that he was undocumented when he started filling out college applications. Hong’s mother informed him of his immigration status when he asked her for his social security in order to complete the applications. He said he was worried everyday about getting deported.

Hong was arrested previously for protesting the hiring of former Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, as the new president of UC-Berkeley. He was also arrested for blocking a street in protest of Arizona’s anti-immigration laws at a rally in San Bernardino, California.

Hong said he knew the risk that came with speaking out in public due to his immigration status but he feels that there would be greater risk to remain silent. He dream is to eventually become an immigrations Attorney.





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