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Reverend James David Manning Accuses Obama Of Having The Mother Of His Illegitimate Daughter Killed

Reverend James David Manning is accusing President Barack Obama of having the mother of his illegitimate daughter, Miriam Carey, killed last month near the U.S. Capitol building. Carey was shot and killed by authorities after crashing her car into barricades at the White House. Her 1-year-old daughter was in the car with her when the incident occurred but she was not harmed.

Manning said he heard this from Valerie Carey, the sister of Miriam Carey. Valerie said she has gotten enough signature required to present to Attorney General Eric Holder to open an investigation to the death of Miriam Carey.

Reverend Manning questioned why Al Sharpton and the media did not ask questions of her death. He is calling for a paternity test. Manning said he is not sure if there is going to even be an investigation. If there is going to be an investigation, it will not result in the truth if Holder is conducting it. “It’s like asking the fox to guard the hen house,” said Manning.

He is accusing the entire media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, academia and the women’s rights groups for trying to protect Obama and refusing to come to Carey’s aid.

Manning said, “The life of Miriam Carey and her daughter were wholly and completely expendable like dirt underneath Obama’s boot, like a cigarette that is just about burned out. He then crushed out her life and no one will come to her aid, but I will.”



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