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John Dickerson On ACA Website: People Will Forget How Long It Takes To Get There Once It Works

Obama administration officials claimed that healthcare.gov now has a 90 percent success rate. The website will handle 50,000 users at once and supports 800,000 users per day. CBS’s John Dickerson said even if the website works, it has only gotten through one stage.

Using the Amazon drone idea as an analogy, Dickerson points out that the backend is still not working. “Imagine they had launch pad disasters for two months and then they clear those up and now the thing can get into the air. That’s great but it’s a long way from getting the promise product from ordering to the actual person who’s ordered it,” said Dickerson. He continued, “The key thing to look for here is whether the information that’s coming from the website, if it’s working, gets to the insurance companies, it’s accurate, and the insurance companies can use that information then to send a packet out to somebody so they actually have insurance.”

When asked if the administration is banking on people forgetting how long it take to get there once the idea works, Dickerson agreed. He said, “Once it works, you have lots of people say, ‘Wow! This product is great. It’s what they promised. My premiums are lower, the deductibles weren’t going to be shocking and I’m getting what was promised.'”

Anchor Norah O’Donnell jumped in to point out that insurance companies are saying that they’re not getting the information from the website correctly. She also pointed out cases where people felt that they have entered in all the correct information but the insurance company have no records of their enrollment.

Dickerson responded saying, “That’s right and that’s the crucial thing to keep your eye on. It doesn’t matter, frankly, if the website is working if everything gets messed up from the period where you choose a plan to when the insurance company gets the information.”


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