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Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin And Bill O’Reilly For Fighting A War That Doesn’t Exist

Jon Stewart mocked the Fox News network, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly in for fighting a war that just might not exist.

Stewart made fun of Fox News for being overly dramatic over a minor change to a pool schedule to accommodate Muslim girls due to the Sharia Law. “First they came for our Tuesday synchronized aqua dance and I did not speak out, because I prefer water exercise with a pool noodle,” said Stewart.

He moves on to mocked Sarah Palin for saying that she leaves a menorah out in December to teach her kids about the Jewish faith. Stewart said, “While I appreciate the gesture, Jews don’t actually just leave a menorah out for the month of December.” He added, “Like a knick knack in a curio case, it goes in the windows and you only put it there for eight days.”

Finally, Stewart mocked Bill O’Reilly for protecting Christmas against those raging war on Christmas. He pointed out that O’Reilly was not satisfied with Macy’s for using the word holiday instead of Christmas. At that point, Stewart explains how all the other holidays have been sucked into Christmas and how surprise he was that O’Reilly did not noticed the emblazon believe sign that can be seen from space.




(Video via Comedy Central)

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