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Gay Server Who Claimed Customer Left A Hateful Message No Longer Working At The Restaurant, Refunds Donation

After Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant did an internal investigation by the restaurant, Dayna Morales, the server who claimed that she was stiffed of her tip and left a hateful note by a customer, has agree to leave her job. It is reported that she is also returning the donations that she received from people around the world after posting it on Facebook.

The couple came forward and claimed that the story is a hoax and provided receipt and credit card statements as proof. They said that they generously tipped Morales and also said that they didn’t leave the anti-gay comments. The message read, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.” The couple asked to remain anonymous. The couple’s customer receipt and credit card statement shows the total charge, which included an $18 tip.

Morales’ former friends also came forward calling her a habitual liar. Her military histories were also untrue. Morales was discharged from the military. It appears that she also lied about donating $3000 to Wounded Warriors.

Strangers who donated money to her are now receiving refunds. Britney Stilgenbauer of Tucson, Arizona and many others encouraged Morales to setup a PayPal account to receive donations but it turns out that he already set up an account the night she posted the receipt.

The couple who she accused still wants an apology and for Morales to admit her mistakes.



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