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Judge Ordered Cake Shop Owner To Make A Cake For Same-Sex Wedding Or Face Possible Jail Time

A judge ordered Jack Philips, a Colorado cake shop owner, to bake a cake for a gay couple or pay a fine or even go to jail. The shop owner said he refused to bake the cake for same-sex weddings because it’s against his religious beliefs. He received phone calls and about 500 people were protesting outside his shop.

When a gay couple walked into Philips’ shop to ask him to bake a cake for their wedding, Philips told them that he doesn’t do cakes for same-sex weddings. Philips told Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck that baking cake for same-sex wedding will make him feel as if he was attending the same-sex wedding. He said he doesn’t plan to give up his religious beliefs to make money because he is in the business because he loves what he is doing.

Although he did not think of it at the time, Phillips believes that he was operating within his Constitutional right. According to Nicole Martin, Phillips’ attorney, he is protected under the First Amendment. She said, “If the government can force you to violate your beliefs under the threat of a jail sentence, there is really no freedom they can’t take away, Elisabeth.”

When Hasselbeck asked Philips if he is willing to go to jail for his religious belief, he replied, “If that’s what it takes, I guess I would be. I don’t plan on giving up my religious belief.” He added, “As a follower of Jesus Christ, I don’t believe that’s what he wants me to do, and so my priority would be towards my faith rather than towards my safety or security.”



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  • disqus_2AObisCjNm

    So, basically, what this gentleman is saying is that, if I don’t agree with someone else’s lifestyle or beliefs, I have a right to discriminate. So, since I believe that Jews are going to hell for not embracing Jesus Christ, I can put up a sign that says “No Jews” in the window of my store?

    • tiedtotheair2

      Yes. And you can put up a sign that says “No Blacks” because after all, we are the descendants of Ham, cursed by God for all eternity…

  • paulflorez

    Please note that Jack Philips does not have to bake the cake. He can follow his religious beliefs and the anti-discrimination ordinance by refusing to bake a wedding cake for any couple, be they opposite-sex or same-sex.

    Since he stated that following his religious beliefs are more important than making money, it seems to me that refusing to bake a wedding cake for any couple would be an acceptable way for him to both follow his religious beliefs and the anti-discrimination ordinance.

  • Jim Tabor

    In the same vein as “don’t piss off those who serve your food.” — I’d never buy a cake from someone who didn’t want to provide that cake.

  • Gregory Kealohalani Young

    Yes, the justification to hide behind hate is called Christianity.

  • tiedtotheair2

    Wonder if he (and people like him) believe that if a religion entity believes that Black people are evil (yes such religions do exist) and therefore undeserving of equal rights, that it would be his constitution right to deny services and/or goods to all people of color as well….