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Victim Beats Up Knockout Game Attacker

The “Knockout Game” has been around for years but it is only recent that it’s getting more media attention. It has led to some arrests and four deaths so far. Despite Al Sharpton’s denouncement of the “Knockout Game” phenomenon, the attacks are still occurring. Most victims were unconscious after the attack but a newly surfaced video shows a victim beating up the attacker after a failed attempt to knockout the victim.

A video posted on worldstarhiphop.com, shows a man attacking a woman from behind. When he failed to knock the woman unconscious, she launched her own attack. With his head faced down, the woman repeatedly punched her attack on the head. A man came to help, kicking the attacker in the face and joined the woman in the beating until passersby came to stop them. The attacker was left on the ground, hurt and bleeding from the face.








(Video: From worldstarhiphop.com)

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  • Adam Artis


  • Mary Christine Watson

    Exactly what should happen!! What a punk for attacking a woman!!

    • Eddie Eger

      They should beat his ass to death.Shit like that needs to be taken from this world.

  • Patricia Baldwin-Dennis

    They should have also called the police so he could go to jail. How is punching an unsuspecting person a game?

  • msaxie

    The knock out game is a cowards game. If they want to play knock out, they should go to a gym and learn to box. Meanwhile to the lady that counter attacked…please continue your good work.

  • thomasbone63

    They did not beat his ass enough.

  • tiedtotheair2

    Obviously picked the wrong woman. That’s the danger of trying to hit someone you don’t know. You may run up on someone that can kick your ass.

  • jbo

    One of these low lifes will choose another wrong person and get shot in the face…