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Jon Stewart Ecstatic Over Budget Deal

After talking about how the current Congress is the worst Congress ever of the United States but perhaps the entire world, Jon Stewart was ecstatic to find that Congress is ready to compromise to come up with a budget deal. Although the deal is not the grand deal that everyone is looking for.

Using a few analogies from the movie, Shrek, Stewart said, “The budget compromise is that kind of melancholy hallelujah, but still good.” Stewart’s expression was hilarious after playing a clip of a news reporter saying it’s a breath of fresh air as Congress is not used to using the word compromise. He was surprised too that Congress has compromised.

Stewart was curious how the deal went down when the two representatives negotiating literally can’t see eye-to-eye.

According to Rep. Paul Ryan, the bill will to reduce the deficit by $23 billion, does not raise taxes, and cut spending in a smarter.

Stewart expressed amazement when he said, “So it took you guys three years and a government shutdown to come up with the, ‘I don’t know why don’t we split the difference?'”

The last time Congress passed a budget is back in 2009 when President Barack Obama was just in the office for one hundred days.



(Video via Comedy Central)

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