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A Woman Was Assaulted For Saying Happy Holidays Instead Of Merry Christmas

Kristina Vindiola was assaulted for saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas while working for the Salvation Army collecting donations outside of Walmart in Arizona.

A woman looked at Vindiola, walked towards her and asked, “Do you believe in God? You’re supposed to say Merry Christmas!” The woman then swung at Vindiola, hitting her in the arms before going into the store. She told the store manager and the police were called to the scene.

Most people who were asked appear to be fine with people saying happy holidays or Merry Christmas. The Salvation Army said that they don’t have a policy as to what their bell ringer should say happy holiday or Merry Christmas. They are allowed to say either, depending on their preference.

Vindiola said she plans to take legal actions.









(Video below via KNXV)

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  • Jim Lynch

    Interesting article – too bad you used was instead of “the police WERE called.’ Bad grammar does your article no favors.

  • Robin Dooley

    Even if the bell ringer didn’t believe in God that is her right. What makes religious fanatics think that people don’t have rights based upon their religious beliefs? Hope the bible thumper gets the maximum time in jail for assault.

  • William Bell

    Another reason to remember that conservatives and Faux News are out to destroy America. Why would this happen, never did before. STOP THIS CANCER, PLEASE.

  • zelgo

    When the Conservatives going to put the “Christ” back into “Christian”?

  • Rick Heath

    The word holiday literally means Holy Day. It is therefor impossible to say happy holidays without it being a religious reference. Even more important is that whether a person says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays we should just be glad that they are cheerfully wishing us well. On top of all this how is it right to try to shame or force others to your own faith and even assault them if they refuse? I am convinced that in tremendous irony it will be the phoney Christians of the world that will be the one who initiate the one world religion one world government. (an alliance of far right wing “Christians” allied with the most wicked in the corporate owned factions of government… (aka Tea-taliban sorts).

    • Gregory Kealohalani Young

      And that’s the point. She was spreading good cheer. She didnt say, ¨Hey dickhead, merry xmas.

  • Gregory Kealohalani Young

    I’m just wondering when those will make comparisons in terms of freedom of speech based on what she said and the Duck Dynasty star said. Difference: One was intended to hurt. Only the smart ones will know that difference.