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John McCain On His Obama-Chamberlain Comparison: Gross Exaggeration

CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Senator John McCain if he regrets comparing President Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain for shaking hands with Cuban President, Raul Castro, during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. McCain retracted and called the comparison “gross Exaggeration.”

“Oh, I think it was gross exaggeration, but I have no doubt that it’s a great propaganda value for the Cuban government, which is oppressive, repressive, continues to jail dissidents and continues to be, probably easily, the most repressive government in our hemisphere. I don’t think you should shake hands with someone who continues to violate his own country’s human rights. It happened. But it is what it is. I’m sure that Mr. Castro appreciated it,” said McCain.

Crowley continued to press McCain to admit that in retrospect, the comparison was a little over the top.

McCain answered, “Now I’m sure it was an exaggeration, Candy. If you want me to plead guilty here on CNN, guilty!”

Crowley couldn’t help laughing after McCain said he was guilty.






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