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Church Displayed Controversial Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene

The nativity scene outside the Claremont United Methodist Church in California featuring Trayvon Martin with blood pouring out from his chest sparked controversies. Creator John Zachary said he wanted to create something provocative to make a statement about the widespread violence in American.

The nativity scene titled, “A Child Is Born, A Son Is Given,” was displayed at the bottom of the display over a pool of blood of Trayvon Martin.

Zachary said he wanted the display to be thought-provoking on contemporary issue about social justice and about something that Jesus would have taught. This year’s focus was on gun violence in our society. He sees the display relevant and compared it to the agony suffered by parents due to the killing of innocents by King Herod after the birth of Jesus Christ.

“As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I think it’s important that we think about all those that don’t have the privilege to celebrate with us,” said Zachary.







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