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Bill O’Reilly Fires Back At Jon Stewart: Can’t Imagine Chinese Kids Are More Addicted To Texting Than American Kids

Jon Stewart ripped Bill O’Reilly during one of his segment on pot use and texting. O’Reilly said American kids are not only using pot to escape reality, they are also addicted to texting. He suggested that American kids should be more like Chinese kids, who studies hard and are not so much into texting. Stewart point out that O’Reilly was wrong because a study shows that Chinese are texting more than anyone else in the world. He fired back at Stewart by showing that Chinese kids don’t have time to text because they are so studious.

O’Reilly asked Martha MacCallum to help him confirm that Chinese kids are encourage to study hard and keep in touch with reality. MacCallum cited a recent study that shows Chinese kids ranking at the top in reading, math and science in the world while American kids are below average.

To debunk the study that Chinese kids are texting more than American kids, O’Reilly claimed that Chinese kids are using it for studying instead of socially. MacCallum said Chinese students do have addictions to web surfing and chatting where they have to be sent to camps. O’Reilly was surprise when he heard it. “I just can’t imagine it,” said O’Reilly. He added, “These kids, I mean they’re just regimented, they don’t have any free time to just text!”

O’Reilly convince MacCallum to say that American kids are too addicted to social media, reality TV shows and all the “garbage” on television that they are doing poorly in school.

To confirm that he is right, O’Reilly interrupted MacCallum saying, “So once again MacCallum, I’m right and Stewart is wrong!”


(Video via Fox News)


(Original video from Comedy Central)

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