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Florida Firefighter Suspended For Painting Confederate Flag On His Axe

An Orange County firefighter in Florida was suspended for painting a Confederate flag on an axe. A lieutenant discovered the painted axe after battling a fire that burned down the house of an African-American. The axe was removed before the homeowner could see it.

Jonathan Holton, the son of Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Holton, admitted that he had painted the Confederate flag on the axe. He said it was a touch up and signifies his small town’s core value of family and hard work. Holton said he’s not a racist and didn’t intend to offend anyone.

Firefighters and supervisors at station 42 denied seeing the Confederate flag prior to the discovery despite having to do equipment checks regularly. More than half of the staff will be transferred and Holton has been placed on a 12-hour unpaid suspension.

Two African-American firefighters said that they would be upset if they saw the axe with the Confederate flag painted on it. Neighbor of the house that was burned down said he would be upset if he saw it too. Many on Facebook have come out in his defense.






(Video via WFTV)

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