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Retired Florida Police Officer Kills A Man At A Movie Theater For Texting

A retired Florida police officer shot and killed a man at a movie theater for using his cell phone and texting during movie previews. 71-year-old Curtis Reeves is now charge with second degree murder for killing 43-year-old Chad Oulson and injuring his wife Nichole Oulson.

Chad Oulson was texting his daughter during movie previews when Reeves asked him to stop texting. Reeves even went to complain to the theater’s management. They argued after the complaint and Reeves took out his gun to kill Chad. After shooting Oulson, Reeves then sat down and put the gun in his lap.

An off-duty deputy sheriff from Sumter County among a few people at the movie theater rushed to the scene to ensure that there were no more shooting.

Two nurses who happen to be there performed CPR on Oulson until paramedics arrived. Oulson later died. His wife survived.






(Video via CNN)

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